Before it comes to the content design of a website, a suitable domain must be found. With our tips, you can avoid mistakes and find the right domain name more easily.


  1. Why is the domain name important?
  2. How should a domain look like?
  3. What should I consider around the domain?
  4. Which domain endings are there?
  5. How can I find out if the domain name is still available?
  6. Tips for choosing a domain
  7. Choosing the right domain — these are the no-go’s
  8. Conclusion for the choice of the domain

Why is the domain name important?

For entrepreneurs, their own website is an important marketing tool. Today, when consumers are looking for a quick solution to a problem, they probably primarily use a search engine on the Internet.

People who, for example, want to buy a product, need a tradesman quickly or need advice in a particular area usually end up on the websites of the relevant companies through the results of a search query. First of all, it is important that the domain reflects exactly what you stand for. After all, the URL is a part of the website that users see before they get an overview of the content.

What should a domain look like?

The right domain name should ideally include the industry you’re in, as well as your company name. This combination is memorable and easy for potential customers to understand. After all, a well-chosen URL also exudes trust and seriousness.

Since a domain should be used for a long time, it is important to use a name right from the start that will still be valid in a few years. If, for example, the business field is to be expanded, a general name can help not to block the possibility. In order not to make any mistakes, it makes sense to put the registration of the web address into professional hands. If you hire a service provider to design and create the website, they can buy or register the appropriate URL for you right away.

What should I pay attention to regarding the domain?

Good domain names are short and concise. This increases the likelihood that they will stick in users’ minds and that they will recommend the website to others. In addition, the longer the domain, the greater the risk that errors will creep in when remembering it. For example, if you combine several words, there is a chance that they will be written as one term or as a coupled compound. Umlauts can be used or rewritten (for example, ae instead of ä). You should reduce these possible sources of error as much as possible.

Attention with complicated domains

Sometimes this is not possible, because your own name or the name of the industry does not allow it. In this case you should register the domain in all possible spellings. Once this is done, you should decide on a main domain that you will actively use and promote. You can redirect all alternative spellings to the main page or use them profitably with a landing page.

Which domain endings are available?

Part of your domain strategy is to choose the right domain extension. The endings are also called Top-Level-Domain (TLD). In addition to the classic country-code abbreviations or the international endings such as .com or .net, there have been additional endings for several years: However, top-level domains such as .store, .biz or .digital are not recommended. Many users do not know them, which results in a lower reputation. They are considered less reputable because many users associate them with dubious websites.

It makes the most sense to work with domains with the country-specific extension as well as with the TLD .com. If you plan to expand abroad with the company, you should also register the appropriate endings for these markets early on. Later on, they might have been bought by another webmaster or even by a competitor who wants to make it more difficult for you to enter the market. Then they will no longer be available to you.

How can I find out if the domain name is still available?

When you buy an Internet domain, it is registered in a directory that lists you as the owner. The most important data of this directory are visible for everyone. This allows you to check without much effort whether a domain is already taken. The Network Information Center (NIC) responsible for the extension administers the domains. On their website you can start a so-called Whois query to find out the domain owner. The website of the domain administration responsible for Austria can be accessed at

Tips for choosing a domain

When choosing a domain, it is important that you take your time. The domain should be well considered. If the desired Internet address is already taken, you should not make a quick shot. Think carefully about which alternative comes into question. You can also contact the previous domain owner. He could leave the URL to you.

Keywords in the domain

You should choose a domain that contains the most important keyword. This is important for two reasons: First, it improves the search engine ranking. Second, it’s obvious to users what to expect when they access your website.

Be careful with brand names

You should always be aware of trademark law. This means that you should not use brand names and protected terms. Entrepreneurs make this mistake all the time when they buy an Internet address. Sooner or later this will be noticed. The consequences are penalties as well as giving up the possibly already established web address to the owner of the protected term.

Choosing the right domain — these are the no-go’s

Successful websites, which you surely also visit regularly, show the way: They are short and clear. When choosing a domain name, orient yourself on the role models. That means, stumbling blocks like numbers, umlauts and hyphens should not be used. They are not unique and give room for different spellings.

You should also pay attention to spelling. A faulty domain is a damage to your image. This is true even if you do not actively use this URL and users can only find it via a search engine.

You should apply the rule of thumb that a domain name should not be longer than 20 characters. Because only if it is not too complex, users can easily remember it and at best pass the name on to others.

Conclusion on choosing a domain

The previously mentioned domain tips will help you avoid some mistakes that are always made when designing a website. Business owners sometimes act too rashly when buying a domain. Instead, they want to convince primarily with the content. Unfortunately, this is not enough.

Choosing the right domain can have a positive impact on your company’s reputation, sales, and discoverability. If you are not sure how to register a domain, you should leave this as well as the choice of name to the service provider who takes care of the technical support of the website. However, make sure that you are listed as the domain owner. If you are, you hold the naming rights to the URL.