Travel insurance

Vacation at last, travel at last! That also means preparing yourself properly. Do you have everything in your luggage? Clothing and sun protection are quickly thought of. But what about insurance?

Insurance coverage and vacation: it feels like there’s a world of difference between these two terms. When you travel, you want to relax, see foreign countries and leave your everyday life behind. Insurance has little to do with all that. Many people find it a nuisance to deal with paperwork, rates and prices.

Travel insurance is so important

Especially for long or expensive trips, it is advisable to look into your own insurance coverage — even before the vacation starts. Nobody wishes it: Nevertheless, something can always happen to you or your fellow travelers that prevents you from going on your planned trip or forces you to break off your trip prematurely. You or fellow travelers become ill, have an accident or are prevented from starting the trip for other reasons. You may have to cut short your vacation early due to illness or an urgent emergency at home, or something may happen to you abroad. With the right travel insurance, you can protect yourself financially. The two most important insurances are the travel cancellation insurance and the international health insurance. Part of the travel cancellation insurance is also the travel interruption insurance.

Travel cancellation insurance and travel interruption insurance

Travel cancellation insurance offers you financial protection in the event that you are unable to take a trip. It reimburses you for the cancellation costs incurred. As part of the travel cancellation insurance, you can also take out travel interruption insurance. It reimburses costs incurred in the event of a trip interruption or costs for services that were not used due to the interruption.

International health insurance

An international health insurance covers medical, hospital and treatment costs for you abroad — worldwide.

Would you like to take out travel insurance? You can do so both online and at your savings bank. Learn more about the benefits of our travel insurance policies and protect yourself and your family.

At a glance: In which cases does which travel insurance cover you?

Travel Cancellation Insurance:

You have booked a vacation and cannot take it.

Trip interruption insurance:

You have to return home early from a trip, e.g. because you are ill or an emergency at home requires your immediate return.

International health insurance:

You fall ill during your vacation and need inpatient or outpatient treatment abroad.