Actress and presenter Collien Ulmen-Fernandes in the podcast «Reden ist Geld» by Sparkasse and

Collien Ulmen-Fernandes earned well as a child and, according to her own statements, dealt very early and a lot with the topic of money. In the podcast, she talks about the impact of Corona on her private and professional life, in which things she invests her money and why she rejects product advertising as an influencer on Instagram.

«Talk is money» — the podcast

Money is not something you talk about? Bah! In the podcast «Talking is Money», Nina Sonnenberg meets with well-known people to talk about the topic that rarely anyone wants to talk about in public. Here you’ll hear very personal stories. Couldn’t we all benefit from more openness on the subject of money?

Ulmen-Fernandes: Old-age provision instead of luxury

Collien Ulmen-Fernandes learned early on what it means to earn money independently and to be able to handle it. Even as a child, the actress and presenter had her own bank account, and the ex-VIVA star was allowed to dispose freely of her modeling fees when it came to investing: «I never had to ask if I could buy myself an ice cream from what I earned myself.»

But for her, investing money didn’t mean spending her equity directly. Ideally, it meant investing for the long term. Because she didn’t buy anything for the time being. Collien, wife of actor Christian Ulmen, is a thrifty person and prefers to put everything aside for a rainy day, for her own real estate and for long-term retirement planning.

«That’s totally stuffy, but you have to say I have Swabian roots,» she says. And as a Swabian, she also has a penchant for buying real estate.

Real estate, yield, capital investment: but long-term, please

Expensive things usually don’t appeal to her, stocks are too abstract for her when it comes to capital investment. She feels most secure with an investment in real estate. She bought her first property at the age of 19.

Collien is cautious when it comes to investing in a house or apartment. To the inspection for a real estate purchase, she often takes her father. A top supporter with lots of tips when it comes to checking out the investment when buying a house or buying a property. «He knows what to look for when buying, where the pitfalls are when buying real estate, how sellers can make a property look nicer,» she says. «I tried to buy something once and my dad got really mad and stopped me — and he was right.»

Collien has many professions

Early practice makes perfect: Collien already worked as a model as a child. She is so versatile that it is difficult to list everything she has done so far: Ballet training, background dancer, presenter — first at RTL2, later at the music channel Viva. She’s an actress, has a column in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, and more recently she’s also an «influencer-in-training,» as she describes herself on Instagram.

It’s strange in these times to be in a hotel. There are nights when I’m the only hotel guest.

Collien Ulmen-Fernandes

How does the Corona period affect Collien — professionally and privately?

Family in times of Corona: Collien Ulmen-Fernandes is also currently spending more time at home with her daughter and her husband Christian Ulmen. Unlike many of her colleagues, however, she is lucky enough to be able to continue earning money. And that provides welcome variety.

«I’m in the lucky situation that I can escape every now and then. When you have a lot of family around you, you’re also happy to be far away sometimes,» says the actress.

However, keeping her distance from interview partners and greeting them from afar is still difficult for Collien, simply out of habit. «I really want to shake hands every time, I don’t do it as a gag, I just can’t get out of the habit.»

Ulmen-Fernandes writes, records things, and under Corona conditions, even certain filming is possible. However, based on the current situation, she doubts that all of the film and television industry projects that have been postponed until the fall can actually be realized as planned. She doesn’t want to give a hint.

«At the moment, I don’t assume that we will be able to shoot a disco scene with very many extras in September,» says Collien. Because she believes that we will still be in an exceptional situation then.


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I know a director who has now signed up to be an asparagus stalker. I can totally understand that, for example I can’t sit still, I would also rather go to an asparagus field than do nothing.

Collien Ulmen-Fernandes

Classic advertising: yes. Product advertising on Instagram: never.

Collien Ulmen-Fernandes has a clear stance on the subject of marketing. She definitely enters into advertising cooperations that are aimed at clearly recognizable product advertising. Because, «When I run through a commercial, everyone knows it’s advertising.»

Kelly Bag — it’s the ultimate for fashion people. I just asked if you could take the ugly bag out of the picture.

Collien Ulmen-Fernandes

In her role as an influencer on Instagram, however, she takes an extremely critical view of advertising, even though she could earn a lot of money very quickly for very little effort. For Collien, it’s not about the short-term return, but about examining the details. «I probably get offers three times a week to hold up any cosmetic products to the camera — I turn it all down,» she says firmly.

She finds the advertising disguised as a friendly recommendation mendacious. In an interview with Nina Sonnenberg, Ulmen-Fernandes makes it clear that it’s not only important to Collien how she advertises, but also what she advertises for.

All you have to do is hold a lipstick up to the camera for three minutes and you’ll get a lot of money for it.